Franck Dieudonné


French chef recognized on three occasions as Best Chef of Chile by the Circle of Gastronomic Chroniclers of Chile and by Wikén Magazine of El Mercurio.
He gave life to the award-winning Opera Catedral, creating one of the most memorable dishes of the last decades: the truffled chicken. Creator of the also awarded La Brasserie, a small bistro that revolutionized the local scene by democratizing the truffle as a product of habitual consumption. 

This new Brasserie, which takes as its base the previous version and leads it to a more cosmopolitan, tasty and international expression.

Héctor Vergara


Sole Master Sommelier of South America from The Court of Master Sommelier of London, he studied at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and has worked in renowned restaurants in Paris, Lyon and Toronto.

Principal sommelier trainer in the country and founder of the School of Sommeliers of Chile.